June 01, 2005

■ LoD Question

Still slow working. *sigh*

Importing part has been fairly done, these days I am getting to take a part of exporting. But hey, I have encountered a problem. For RtCW models there are some parameters called 'Level of Detail' and related data in mds/mdm. I knew it stands for the degeneration of polygons seen from far. however I don't know how it works in ET.

Does anyone know the LoD algorithm in ET or have the source code for it?


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May 12, 2005

■ A little progress on project

It seems that the plugin project has been advanced a little. For now a plugin can load mds bones ( in fact, blame me...), however, there are lots of unloaded things, vertices and animations as well as tags. Still a quite time required to deal with them, in addition it is not destination of this project. The mdm/mdx exportor, that is!

I have a couple of messages that some people are waiting for this plugin out. Alright what has been done gave me a some common senses of c++ and max plugin building. So far I could do faster or smarter than I did, It should be. Please be patient for a while... thanks.


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April 24, 2005

■ Conception of mds/mdm/mdx importer

MDS/MDM/MDX importer for 3ds max

This plan is still conceptional. I have done a little about this, scratching some ideas and learning c++ from c :p Arrrgg, Object orientation??? what the hell is this...

I cant even figure out how long this work takes till an available version comes. God may only know. Or even he doesn't.

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