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April 26, 2005

■ ETpro available for ver 2.60

ET Pro 3.1.12


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バージョンはET Pro 3.1.12 となっています。


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Version 3.1.12
cg_autoaction was broken for screenshots
opentimerinput doesnt get mouse focus
enemy wounded could block team wounded for revive
ref surrender menu callvoted by mistake
cg_teamchatsonly didnt ignore public chats
shuffleteamsxp_norestart was missing from vote menu
fireteam objective icon was misaligned slightly
cl_language could cause garbage translations
inviteall tried to invite players already on a fireteam
etpro unlagged accuracy increased
all weapon rof / overheat are now completely fps independent
b_fallingbugfix 1 no longer ignores fake brushes
fireteam objective icon now obeys b_fireteamAlpha
oasis script fixed (remove end of round delay after destroying both guns)
location names didn't reset color in chats
wounded covops could steal uniforms if close enough
bloodtrail crash/hang fixed
corpses could be "shot" after players tapped out
cg_teamchatsonly incorrectly filtered fireteam chats

New features:

ET 2.60 support (in fact, 2.60 only)

Mac OSX support

Anti-recoil and centerview scripts defeated

hitsounds are now generated for hitscan weapons only

/guids now outputs a header/footer for easier script parsing

freecamSetPos now supports two syntaxes:
freecamSetPos x y z
freecamSetPos x y z pitch yaw roll

b_noactivatelean (default 0, disabled) to enable/disable strafe+activate=lean
show team flag on hud while spectator following, b_drawspectatorteamflags to enable/disable
b_flushitems for ground-oriented items (medpacks, ammopacks)
b_simpleitems by fretn
callvote surrender (vote_allow_surrender enables/disables)
console can now send pm's
shuffleteamsxp_norestart to shuffle teams without restarting the map
'fireteam inviteall' to invite all players on your team who arent already on a fireteam
fireteam invite can now match on partial names
altweapon while holding grenade will vsay_team FireInTheHole

builtin spawntimer:
/timerSet to set it (eg from a script)
/openTimerInput for a ui popup
/resetTimer to reset the timer

New headbox code
new headbox code, enabled through b_realhead 1 (+256,+512,+1024,+2048 enables various hitbox debugging modes)
note: debugging body box for prone may "appear" wrong because its the box used for player collisions, not shots.
note2: if you use one of the debugging modes, use g_smoothclients 0 as well, or the debugging boxes will "appear" wrong.

Location names
Added full location name support - client will attempt to load from _loc_override.dat (for user's own location names) followed by _loc.dat (for server-supplied location names in e.g. a pk3), and failing both, client will build locations from target_location entities in the map.

Included rough draft versions of locations for all 6 stock maps.

Quick summary of location code:

loc_add , loc_del (operates on closest), loc_rename (closest), loc_save [full], loc_load, loc_show (closest).

Name of a script to execute when the last player leaves the server

b_defaultbantime x -
Time in seconds for bans without explicitly defined ban time (default 300)

b_wolfrof x -
0 = ET Standard SMG Rate of fire (default
1 = RTCW Standard SMG Rate of fire

b_shrug x -
0 = Disable /shrug (default)
1 = Enable /shrug

b_distancefalloff x -
0 = Disable distance damage falloff for bullet weapons
1 = Enable distance damage falloff for bullet weapons (default)

b_locationMode x -
0 = Disabled
1 = Location names (Default)
2 = Location coordinates
4 = Don't check PVS when finding nearest location name
8 = Don't fall back on coordinates when no location found (return "unknown")

b_debuglocations x (cheat) -
1 - Draw bubble sprites at location markers (green = nearest, red = others)
2 - Draw dlights at location markers (red = nearest, green = others)
4 - Float location names at location markers (currently no scaling)
8 - Accept location updates from other players
16 - Send location updates to other players

8 + 16 simply bounce the command to other players on a loc_add/del/rename, so that multiple people can work on marking up a level with location names.

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